Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cancun - the desperate dance of lunacy?

I managed to find a copy of the Executive Summary for the Mexican proposals for the latest Anthropomorphic Global Warming funfest. (It's embedded and difficult to read ...) It would be funny if it weren't so serious. Several bloggers have already picked up some of the more extreme utterances and policy demands, and so have a number of the mainstream news media. Several things stand out to me as being the ultimate in lunatic or authoritarian proposals. The debates can be found by following this link. I'm afraid this is little more than the usual "Blame the West; they have to go back to the Stone Age so everyone else can have everything they have at present."

The theme in this summary seems to run to "Since people no longer believe us, we have to take desperate measures and impose our will." Frankly I can't see any democratic government - at least any government that isn't dominated by left-wing "internationalist" champagne socialists living in total isolation from the effects of their decisions - falling for some of these proposals. Mexico falls into a different category, but just looking at their proposal to reduce CO2 output by 50% in an unbelievably short time span, the equivalent of removing all traffic from Mexico City for four and a half years according to their own figures, is not just utterly impractical, it's economic suicide. An item on the Daily Telegraph Blog probably sums this up better than I can even though it is a spoof, it is based on what is actually being said at Cancun...

Then there are proposals for the introduction of rationing (Actually only one complete nutter - but he's a 'scientist'...) of resources to the developed world. I'm sure that's a huge vote winner anywhere that claims to be democratic. In fact the response by a teacher who has had enough is a must read! But it gets better, there's a proposal to forcibly relocate "populations at risk" - a way to overcome the voting problem I suppose, just relocate a whole bunch of people to an area that is resisting the "save the planet" juggernaut in the polls. Of course, what that is also likely to do, since they seem to be admitting at last - at least the Mexicans are - that overpopulation is part of the problem, is simply move the pressure off one ecosystem and push it onto another.

Reading up on archaeological studies of the Pueblo culture in the US, one of the things that killed it off was the ecological change caused by a massive expansion (reatively speaking of course) in the population once they began a settled agricultural life. The farming practices they used, coupled with the need to feed an expanding population and linked with the changing climate as the ice retreated, caused contamination of their water supply, impoverishment of the soils and ended in famine, civil war and ....

Probably more worrying are the hysterical demands from the German Green Party and the former East German Communists, now called "Der Linke" (The Left) for the punishment of scientists who "dare" to question AGW. It suggests that, as usual, the left wing and the ideologically driven fanatics, having failed miserably to convince the populace that they are the "Saviours of the World" are restorting to the usual tactics. If we can't persuade you, we'll bring back the nasty guys in Black Shirts and skull and crossbones badges - and make you do as we demand. Though the German Greens are being public about it, Greenpeace, Fiends of the Earth and all their surrogates and supporters are no less draconian in their visions f the "Utopia" they wish to create - and even less open about it.

I think the blog, Watts Up With That? has possibly the best set of comments and links on this subject.

Personally, I'm enjoying my mini-Ice Age here on my mountain top in Germany...

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