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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dazzling white ...

As I sat watching more snow waft gently onto my already snow covered drive, garden, street ... I found myself pondering a brief note from the internet provider Nachrichtendienst. I have to say it wasn't supposed to be snowing just then. That is supposed to happen tonight. Mind you, bang on schedule and as predicted, on Montag, it began to snow and by yesterday morning had dumped another 100mm or so - on top of the layer of ice left from the last fall...

OK, my German is still not that good, but reading this news item, dictionary in hand, I had to blink once or twice. Here was an item saying that a scientist from the German Meteorological Service is suggesting that the run of extreme cold and this year and the previous three very cold winters - getting worse according to his data - suggests we could be shaping up to a Mini Ice Age. After mopping up my coffee spill, I wondered how long he'll keep his job. After all, according to the German Green Party, to say something like this is the equivalent of Holocaust Denial.

Then I had a funnier thought. I began to wonder what the AGW mob would say and do if he's right. No, I don't think I'll publish my thoughts on that just yet.

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