Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kalt, kalt, kalt ...

At minus 6*C at 11.00 in the morning with the sun out - believe me, it's cold! It's a dry cold though, rather pleasant if you are well wrapped up, but the ground is treacherous, with a layer of ice hiding in the snow. The birds are busy at the bird feeder and make an interesting mix, with Robins, Tits, Jays and Chafinches all arguing over the bounty our neighbour puts out on a table and we hang from the eaves.

The snow shows the tracks left by rabbit, cat, mice and something else, possibly one of the Pine Martens.

As for Madam Paddy Cat, she has adopted her 'Cold Weather" pose - nice warm spot on the sofa, nose covered by the tip of her tail and her paws well tucked in. There is almost an attitude of wake me when it's warm again ...

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