Thursday, 4 June 2009

Election fever.....

Went to vote in the Euro Election early this morning and found myself confronted by a ballot paper that was around eighteen inches (OK, for the EU's sake - 500mm) in length. Several of the parties listed I have never heard of or even have the faintest idea what they are standing for/on/against. Anyway, I made my cross on that one and on a separate ballot for the County Council.

Frankly, I don't much care who wins what - as long as NuLabour/Old Labour Gordon Brown and the rest of them are kicked into the long grass and never allowed back.

The news from the government isn't good - for them at any rate - their defence of the monumental mess they have made over the last twelve years is to claim "it will be much worse if you let the Tories rule again." Difficult to see how. And as for Lord Mandelson, the original sleaze artist in this government of Sleaze Artists, evading questions and constantly blaming the Tories for what he and his Party have ruined, well, the Anglo-Saxon for "Take French Leave" springs to mind.

Interestingly, the ballot paper today appeared to have been arranged in Alphabetical order. No problem with that except that the BNP is top of the list. Speaking of which, the campaign to brand this party as "Fascist" and from several quarters to outlaw membership of it by police, firemen, etc., is almost enough to persuade me to vote for them. I haven't, so relax, but the right to freedom of speech and expression means that however much I disagree with anything they say or stand for - I must allow it to be said. Sadly a principle that Gordon and the Labour Party have forgotten or decided it only applies to those things they approve of.

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