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Friday, 5 June 2009

Good bye Gordon the Brown?

The government seems to be suffering a spate of resignations from the Cabinet and several are now calling, albeit soto voce, for Gordon Brown to go. The election last night has seen a meltdown in the Labour vote, mind you, this is probably due to the fact that a lot of voters in the UK simply do not vote in European or Local elections. They don't see any point, Strasbourg is just another "club" with expensive tastes frequently involved in passing laws which impact of us in the UK adversely and to the advantage of everyone except us after Whitehall have finished looking after their interests and its too remote anyway - and local elections authorities are just paper tigers, with no real powers, doing the bidding of the Whitehall W*nk*rs.

The interesting thing is the parade of Labour Ministers and spokespersons (Since 1997 and Blair you can't say Spokeman!)who are lining up to tell us that their bad showing and all the country's ills are the fault of the Conservatives - or that throwing this incompetent shower of Labour luvvies into the Thames will somehow make the whole country fall apart. A sure sign that they are out of ideas, out of luck and utterly beyond redemption.

As Cromwell told the Members of the Regicidal Parliament whose utter incometence and self interest was threatening his Presbyterian Utopia with collapse - "For too long you have despoiled this house! In the Name of God - GO!"


  1. Just a test to see what happens...

  2. Well, the smoke is clearing, the glass is broken, and the last plate has crashed to the ground in smithereens; just like the spinner's reputation. Oh, joyful tidings!

    Regarding your previous post, my dear wife and I went to vote yesterday at lunchtime. Two things stood out: no candidates or their supporters were present, and the voting station was bristling with posters warning us of the various criminal offences we could be committting if...well, we just got on with registering our votes, and hopefully we'll be voting again soon at the general election!