Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mister Speaker - reformer?

I note with interest, that the proclaimed intent to "reform parliament" seems to be losing impetus, or at least it seems to be being watered down. Not unexpectedly the focus is already on "getting the expenses sorted" and nothing more. No longer do we hear of any suggestion of reducing the number of the buggers, making them more accountable or even reforming the way they work.

And the new Speaker seems to have been elected precisely because he was the man the Tory Party, of which he is a member, didn't want him to be. Probably, it is suggested, because the Labour Louts realised they wouldn't get away with having three members of their party in a row as "Mister Speaker" and, if the reforming process stalls or goes wrong, they can now blame the Conservatives as one of theirs is the Speaker ....

What a way to run a country. What a reason for choosing Mister Speaker. Perhaps it really is time to do away with the lot of them.

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