Sunday, 14 June 2009

Limerick views

My visit to Limerick left little time to explore, but I did manage to get one afternoon of sightseeing in. The city is the third largest in the Republic of Ireland and it has much to offer the visitor. I'll hopefully be going back again in October and may get a chance to see a bit more then. The pictures here show the city as seen from King John's Castle looking west along the River Shannon and the Gatehouse of the Castle from the courtyard.

The castle is a "Keepless" castle built in the reaign of King John which means simply that the towers and Gatehouses were it's redoubts unlike the earlier Norman castles which had a central "Keep" or stronghold guarded by a curtain wall. This castle has seen its fair share of war, falling in 1691 to the army of William III (William of Orange) having also been beseiged and taken by Cromwell's forces some fifty years earlier. On both occassions the defenders suffered badly, though the Royalist forces of William III were a lot less vengeful in victory than Cromwell had been.

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