Saturday, 6 June 2009

Remembering the fallen

D-Day marks the beginning of the end of World War 2. It also marks the start of a campaign which cost an enormous number of lives on both sides as the Allied troops fought their way ashore to begin the task of freeing Europe from the poisonous grasp of Hitler and his evil henchmen. Few could suspect that it would also mark the start of a slow creep toward socialism, the very thing that the so-called Fascist regimes were a response too.

Our present socialist Masters would dearly like to sweep all this under the carpet. They loathe the military and all that the military stand for. They whinge and whine about the cost of our defence and would far rather see it wasted on turning us into a communist state - after all they spent the last sixty years telling us what a paradise the Soviet system had created. Until it was all exposed as a sham of course. After an embarrassing expose in the middle of all the other embarrassment this bunch of socialist troughers have created, the absence of an invitation to the Queen to send a representative was exposed by President Obama's attendance with the French President in tow. We would have been represented at the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, not by our Head of State, but by that closet Communist and totally unelectable troll who infests Number 10. At the last minute said troll realised the gaff he had created - and now he will 'accompany' the Prince of Wales who will represent the Queen.

Why the embarrassment? Because Labour (Nu or Old) "forgot" to ask Her Majesty to send someone to France for this occassion and had already decided they weren't going to mark it at all. Until the Service organisations got hold of it and our European partners expressed surprise. So our Head of State will be represented by a man we don't want there, a man who, if he had his way, would close down our Navy, Army and Airforce and steer us straight into a soviet style "paradise", no doubt run by himself and his cronies in perpetuity.

I sincerely hope that everyone else on this island makes their feelings known to Labour and their treasonous hangers-on and joins me in marking this occassion with flags and a mark of remembrance and thanks for those who did go ashore that day, some of whom are still there.

A minute of silence please at 0600.

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