Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Indications of a policy bankruptcy....

Listening to Today on Radio 4 this morning I found my blood pressure rising as an interview with our so-called Eductaion Secretary was interviewed. Instead of answering questions about his own Party's policy and spending plans he kept brushing the question aside and trying to tell the interviewer what the Conservatives would do - a twisted version of course, but typically misinformation and double speak from this bankrupt Party and their failed Socialist philosophy.

The sooner we kick them out of government and into a wilderness the better!

They have obviously launched an election campaign without actually calling an election. But what we are not hearing about is the tax increases they will be forced to impose after one. Nor are we hearing anything about how they propose to reform that den of iniquity called Parliament. Instead they have leaked the Royal Household's expenses - revealing coincidentally that the Queen and the Royals collectively cost us far less than the Parliamentary thieves and their hangers on. And of course, that old favourite, if you can't say anything about your own policy and plans - you present a twisted and misrepresented version of the oppositions.

Having lived in South Africa during the Nationalist years, this was the stock in trade of that Party and it is intensely annoying to find that Labour are every bit as bigoted and as bad. A remarkable thing about the Nationalist Party in SA was that they were, to a man, career politcians, the vast majority had never been or done anything else. So to hear Labour's motor mouths sounding off about the need for their "professional" expertise is a sick joke. They haven't any. Equally their attacks on the Conservative MP's who do have jobs outside Parliament is equally misplaced - at least those MP's have declared their interests and their incomes - and more importantly they bring to the House something no Labour W*nker can - practical experience of a work environment, workplace or business that is in the real world - not the Planet Westminster/Whitehall Labour's idiots inhabit.

Frankly I think it is high time we introduced a rule forbidding anyone from standing more than three terms as an MP. Let them taste the realities of the world they have created like the rest of us instead of being protected by the bomb-proof pensions and perks they currently enjoy. And the same rule shgould be introduced for the Whitehall W*nk*rs, those Senior Civil Servant Oligarchs who actuially run the country to their own advantage regardless of what the politicians think. They too should be removed after a maximum of ten years in post.

Labour is bankrupt politically, bust economically and can't tell the truth - in short it is a Party of thieves, ideologues, bureaucrats and careerists who have never done a meaningful days work in their lives and are terrified of finding themselves out on the street.


  1. I hate to say that your politicians aren't stupid and have looked across the pond and seen what American politicians have been doing for years. The Labour is just doing what works here and using it there. I would like to apologize for teaching your politicians bad manors.
    Our current leader is Ms. Palin who has decided quit her current job so she can start the run for President 3 1/2 years before the election.

  2. Now that nice Mister Obama is in charge I'm surprised our bunch of closet communists aren't clamouring to become the 52nd State!