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Monday, 15 June 2009

Looking within

Just having returned from an interview with the Director of Ordinands I feel a bit exposed. One thing exploring ordination does - especially this late in life - is force you to look deep within yourself and ask questions you probably didn't want to. It's a bit cathartic, yet it is also very interesting and, in my case, a challenge.

It would probably surprise a lot of my former colleagues to learn that I am rather shy and lack self confidence, not something that one admits too readily. It takes quite an effort to stand up to preach, pray or lead public worship on my part. And now I stand exposed, probably for the better.

Add to this the concern I am currently feeling for my "Iranian Boys" - my fire fighter friends - currently caught in the machinations now engulfing their country as the Ayatollah Faction plays the political game and pulls the strings. All wars ultimately are caused not by religion, but by the overweening ambition of a few men or women in positions of power which they abuse to the detriment of the lives of thousands if not millions.

But now, I have a piece of work to write before I go to bed, or at least to start before retiring.

So bon nuit dear reader.

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