Sunday, 28 June 2009

Where did yesterday go?

Sorry to say it passed in a flurry of activity, though mosty of it was productive. UNexpectedly I was invited to partner the Vicar on a supper date which starts off at one house and ends up in another. It was great fun, with different table partners at each house and for each course. Some fascinating conversations along the way, some of which will require picking up again at some time.

The night was hot, humid and sleepless however, so my ministry duties this morning have been more or less on autopilot!

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  1. Yeah it's pretty hot out here in California 110F = 43C. We finally had to turn the AC on when at midnight the temp inside the house was still 95F = 35C. Just couldn't sleep, we are lucky it's a dry heat but still way to hot to go to sleep.