Monday, 29 June 2009

A promise of rain?

It has been a long hot and tiring day - again! The threat of storms has been looming all day, but now the big thunderheads have wandered off to somewhere else and we swelter still. And I got the first comment of "Well we better get used to it, we humans are heating up the planet ..."

He'll be out of hospital soon they tell me. And I'm not really rabid. But I'm not very patient with prats who go off half cocked and believe everything the Greenpeace liars push as "scientific truth" when even a little research turns up the information that their "carbon emissions" data is at least ten years out of date for most cars and even further adrift for modern power generation plants - especially nuclear. The fashion for blaming western "consumer society" for all the world's ills is nauseating in the extreme - especially as it is founded on the garbage that our "wealth" is somehow "stolen" from the Third World populations which are destroying rain forests and exterminating wildlife for their own food, fuel and internal use. If I hear one more time that this is "forced" on them by "MacDonald's" "cattle feeding" and "ranching" and "bio fuel" use of "food" I shall probably end up on a murder charge.

After all it was Greenpeace and Fiends of the Earth that pushed for "renewable" fuel sources ten years ago. Now the oil consuming societies are using them - suddenly we are "stealing food from the mouths of the poor to make bio fuel." They can't have it both ways - and some of us do remember what they push and get wrong, even if the majority of their foot soldiers are to damned naive and stupid to do so.

OK, so the heat is getting to me, I'm tired, I'm impatient and I have to work again tomorrow in a closed environment. Bah, Humbug! Let it rain!

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