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Thursday, 11 June 2009

A quiet day

Today is Corpus Christi or 'Fronleichnam' as it is called in Germany. In Germany it is
a public holiday for those Federal States where the Roman Catholics outnumber the Protestants. So Mausi was looking forward to an afternoon in the garden, pottering about and doing some quiet tasks like weeding that flowerbed she's been working on for some time but never seems to find the time to get it finished. But adverse weather conditions (low temperature, gusty winds and a never ending succession of showers) defeated her original plans. So she's spent most of the day reading, trying out a few things on her computer and going over some photographs she had taken during her Easter vacation whereby she came across this squirrel. It is surely one of the biggest Mausi has ever seen. Obviously it is thriving on the left-overs from the tourists at Bodiam Castle where it lives. Mausi showed this picture to her mother who at first glance even mistook it for a rabbit. For her excuse it must be remembered that we do not have grey squirrels in Germany - ours are the red ones and they are certainly of a much slender build. Looking at this photograph again today Mausi was remembered of a visit to Davos in Switzerland many years ago. The visit took place in winter time and one afternoon Mausi followed a path up the mountain, trying to find out how far up above the valley she could get in her not entirely suitable boots. Walking through the woods like many other tourists she was suddenly "attacked" by a bunch of the biggest dark brown squirrels she had ever seen. Of course, all the tourists, especially the children, found them cute and willingly gave up everything eatable they happened to have upon them. But if you weren't quick enough, the little buggers would climb up your trousers and yank titbits from your fingers or even ransack your trouser and coat pockets! Obviously they had given up hibernating and were doing extremely well out of the humans!

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