Sunday, 5 July 2009

An Abbey filled day ....

It began with the 0800 Holy Communion for which I was both server and Deacon. Then it was tweak the Sound System during the 0915 and finally drive our Swedish guests to lunch in nearby Sedgeberrow. Twenty-odd teenagers and their escorts for lunch was the lot of one of our parishioners and they managed a magnificent spread - helps if you're a farmer and living on the edge of a village - which the teens demolished fairly easily.

This afternoon saw a visit to the Bell Tower and the Ringing Room where some were shown how the bells were rung and allowed to do some ringing under supervision. That made several of their days.

Then came Evensong, Solemn of course, for the Friend's Festival, with our Diocesan Bishop preaching. I was contemplating getting my cassock on when the Vicar arrived with the Bishop and calmly said, "You're the Bishop's Chaplain". Right. Actually, I enjoy Chaplaining our Bishop, he's very relaxed (though I wouldn't want to get it wrong around him!) and gently prompts if there is something out of place. It was a great service and a great sermon.

But now, with an early train to London tomorrow - I'm for bed!

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