Saturday, 18 July 2009

Odd weather

The last few days has seen some really "unsummery" weather sweep through our skies. This is summer. Normally I would have my fans running, the duvet stowed away and the windows wide as possible. Not lately, in fact the wind last night wouldn't allow me to keep the windows open anyway and the chill in the air was certainly not summer temperature! And the rains have been drenching some areas, thankfully though, we haven't seen anything like the sousing we got two years ago - yet. I hesitate to say we have seen the last of this because that would be tempting fate in a big way.

The culprit for all this is the same weather engine that saw us get a years supply of rain in a few hours almost exactly two years ago. It's the jet stream that should, at this time of the year be swirling across the north of Scotland and the North Sea. It has relocated itself Southward and is currently over the Midlands and the mid-Atlantic zone which generates low pressure systems off the American coast and sends these hurtling into us. Not that I am complaining, my garden is flourishing - always tricky if we have a dry summer as I have to water with a watering can filled indoors - and my hayfever hasn't been too bad so far because the rain keeps the pollen down. So I've had to put on a pullover occassionally, frankly I don't mind at all, I like these temperatures.

And today we have a bright dawn, glorious sunshine and the promise of a really nice day ahead. There might be some more showers later and tomorrow, well that's another day isn't it.

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  1. I would happily trade you a little heat for some cool wind.