Thursday, 9 July 2009

Wrestling with presentations....

In a few weeks time I have to do a five minute presentation as part of an assessment. The problem is that it has to lead into a discussion for a group which should be led by me and last at least fifteen minutes. On their own, neither presents me with a particular problem normally, but for some strange reason this combination is causing me difficulty.

I can do a five minute subject, no problem. I can introduce a discussion and keep it boiling, no problem. But do the first to lead into the second? I keep running into either running over time in the presentation or ending up with a lecture and then a discussion in which I would be answering questions instead of encouraging a debate. I can't seem to break the mould on this - perhaps because I have spent the last seven weeks lecturing from 0830 to 1700 and answering the students questions arising from the lectures and presentations .....

Maybe I need to head for the shops, get some milk, make a cup of coffee and then try again!

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