Thursday, 16 July 2009

Taxing the elderly ....

This is not a good age to be growing older. Why? Because Socialists with their ideaologies of "universal care," and centralised provision of everything from housing to pensions have suddenly, after years of warnings and years of ruining economies wherever they are in power, woken up to the fact that the idea that you can tax people and spend every penny without making any provision for the future or allowance for future demographic trends and future needs has come home to roost. And, as usual, it is my generation who now have to pay for a system most of us didn't want and have had to accept all through our working lives.

The latest "prefered option" put forward by this government of thieves, hooligans and ignoramuses is clearly aimed at impoverishing the middle classes and removing any possible hope of helping one's children through leaving them even a small legacy from any property you might have managed to hold onto into old age. It's not enough for the Civil Servants and communistas in Labour to be taking 45% of everything I earn in direct tax, indirect tax and the so-called National Insurance - an 11% tax on top of Income Tax - now they want to force me, in retirement, to pay an additional £17,500 - £20,000 per annum towards "care" I may not need, so they can provide it to those who do. And if I should need it myself, they want to give the local authority the right to take and sell everything I own to pay for it.

Oh, and they think this is "fair".

Coming from the parasites of Whitehall and Westminster that's rich, since everything they get is paid for by us and everyone who works hard and pays taxes is now having to pay extra - or likely to have to pay extra - in order to pay for Labour's parasitic voters on benefit and the expensive lifestyles of the same ideologues who have spent the last hundred years destroying everything about Britain that was "Great". They have also spent that time refusing to allow us to make private provision when we could or making it so expensive and unaffordable we couldn't. They have signed up to every cockamamie and expensive policy from Europe even when there was no need to do so and sold our country down the river at every opportunity and labelled everything about us as "institutionally -ism" (Insert own favourite -ism here!). This is the same government that has ruined pension funds and robbed pensioners blind - and now wants to strip us of everything we have left.

Anyone who still thinks that Socialism in any form is fair, reasonable or libertarian needs to be confined in a mental institution under the Mental Health Act. This is the philosophy that has seen crime rise dramatically, has destroyed the armed forces, reduced the Police to an alienated service policing the PC garbage powerless against real criminals. It is the philosophy that criminalises mothers who leave their children unattended in a safe place for a few minutes while attending to the needs of another child. That empowers children to ruin and destroy adults in schools and other professions by creating a system that assumes that all children tell the truth and all adults lie. That promotes Stasi type informers among neighbours. Socialism fair? Not bloody likely - its merely another means of ensuring that the Serfs, you and me, stay in our places and our children can never threaten the dynastic position of our Parliamentarians.

I can't afford this new "tax" and it seems likely that if this government or their successors - and the Civil Service will ensure this happens - actually adopt this system, I will have to sell everything I possess or allow the state to take it anyway. And any hope I had of leaving my children even a small legacy to help them along the way seems now to be most unlikely.

That I resent very deeply indeed. I have worked all my life, never drawn benefit, housed myself and other members of my family and always been denied any "benefit" despite paying through the nose for the privilege. I have not had the money to help my children directly along the journey other than in the usual manner of responsible and loving parents, and now it seems likely that what little I do have will be grabbed by these thieves as well.

And they call this a Civilised Society.


  1. If I recall correctly, God helps those who help themselves. And that is a darned good system.

    Government will help itself to that which is earned by those who help themselves, and then give it to those who don't even try.


    Can I sit by you?

  2. Anytime - join me on the barricades when we start decorating London Bridge with the heads of all these parasites....