Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Britsh Media failing the public

An excellent article written on the BBC Blog by Ian Dunt entitled "Is the British Media failing the public". It touches on a very serious issue. The Murdoch Press has, for the last few years backed NuLabour and been, in effect, an extension of the NuLabour Public Relations Office. A similar trend was highly visible in the US it has to be said in the last few years of the Bush administration. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure GWB wasn't that great as a leader, but I'm equally sure he wasn't as bad as the media made out. Reading some media reports you'd think he'd suspended the Constitution and set up Extermination Camps.

But the media in the UK is scurrilous and frequently biased. Even the BBC is not immune; watch the manner in which Ministers get away with spreading untruths while anyone else is almost crucified. The Media often behave as Judge and Jury and the way 'facts' are presented is often distorted and presents a completely false picture. While our MP's are hardly saints, they wouldn't be in politics if they were, the media hounds pursuing them have some interesting 'perks' and creative expenses claims. So why do we bother buying newspapers or watching/listening? It comes down to the fact that we have been raised on a diet of envy and hatred of anyone or anything which might be better than we are - so the media feeds on the desire among the great unwashed, as one media Baron described his reading public, to see anyone who rises above the common herd, dragged down and preferably destroyed in the gutter.

But the Media is just a part of the problem as Ian Dunt reminds his readers. The whole political system is discredited and broken and the media pack are a part of that. One body he has missed in my opinion, is the Civil Service, the unelected and hugely expensive and totally unproductive "Fourth Estate" of the political class. All three need a major overhaul, but I wouldn't hold your breath, none is likely to see any change this side of a blood bath.

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