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Saturday, 25 July 2009


The news from the US that over forty people have been arrested as a result of an ongoing investigation into money laundering and corruption in high places is bad enough. To find that several several Rabbis are implicated in these activities and worse, in the sale of human organs, is devastating. As an indicator of how human greed can override common sense it is a perfect example of how to hand the enemies of the Jews as a group, and the Islamic fundamentalists in particular a coup they couldn't have generated if they'd tried, it surpasses belief.

As a Jewish friend of mine said, this undermines everything ever decent Jew has given his or her life to and sends it crashing through the floor. It dishonours all those killed in the concentration camps and the pogroms of the 19th Century and the purges of Europe in all the centuries preceeding even that. He used a Hebrew word I have not heard before and which I cannot spell or even begin to translate to describe the Rabbis who he feels have betrayed every Jew by their behaviour. He wouldn't translate it - just said it was the worst thing any Jew could call another. I cannot believe that anyone of faith could be so stupid as to indulge in something so fundamentally against the principles of every faith, particularly the Jewish faith and particularly by a scholar of that faith.

I feel for all my Jewish friends at this time, as one of them has already said, it is now time for Israel and the Israeli government in particular to put a curb on the Ultra-Orthodox and to start growing the nation in a spirit of inclusiveness. Only by that means can they ever hope to achieve stability, win respect and find peace for their nation.

One can never be surprised by corrupt politicians, one can only be appalled by the blinkered abuse of positions of trust in religious matters which leads to the abuses these Rabbis have been involved in. They could not have handed the enemies of their people any better propaganda tool if they had tried.

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