Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A lesson in Socialist economics....

Perusing One happy dog speaks the other day I found this wonderful example of Socialist Economics in microcosm. The funny part is that I can remember having a lecturer make exactly this point about Socialism almost 45 years ago! Did no one else spot the problem?

If hard work and succeeding through hard work are not rewarded you generate a culture in which no one is motivated to work at all. That can be seen in modern Britain where a large underclass has grown up under Socialist "Victimhood" and "Poverty Eradication" policies over the last sixty years. Yes, this was intended to even out the extremes, but the truth, as Louis XIV's Finance Minister pointed out in the 17th Century, is that you cannot achieve this without alienating the primary source of wealth in the first place! Why should I work hard if the reward will be handed to some individual who doesn't do a tenth of what I do and still gets the promotions and the same pay packet as me?

The problem is that changing this will be extremely difficult since we now have a generation in charge who still believe they can make the unworkable work and who have imposed a culture of "non-competitiveness" on our youth. And, as any evolutionist will tell you - without competition species die out. Sadly, the death of the Socialist Dream is likely to comne about only through the death of the Western Civilisation.

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