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Monday, 6 July 2009

Ooops, the Justice system has 'lost' some of its miscreants ....

I have always had reservations about the system of letting serious offenders out on "Licence". This is supposed to be carefully managed and the convicted criminal isn't eligible for it until he or she has served the minimum 'tariff' set by the sentencing judge and even then not usually until at least half of the sentence has been served. I have serious difficulty with the idea of turning murderers loose into an unsuspecting community and there is a distinctly "Old Testament" part of me that demands "a life for a life" - though I would be satisfied if our "Life Sentence" actually did mean "life" behind bars. It doesn't and the argument always advanced by defenders of this lenient system is that the offender is always monitored and "on licence".

Of course, that's why the Department of Justice has succeeded in "loosing" 954 "on licence" offenders. And a large proportiuon of them are people sentenced for murder, rape, violent assault, armed robbery and using deadly weapons .....

But our Justice Secretary assures us there's no need to worry - it's only 1% of the 'on licence' offender population! As is usual with this government he then dives into endless statistics which show that the system is 'improving'. Of course it is, a pity that it took a major foul up between a court, the probation service and the police to expose this example of Whitehall fraud. One of these "on licence" offenders murdered two French students - presumably because he felt like it (there's no other explanation!) - after Whitehall fouled up yet again and failed to expedite the recall of his licence when the Magistrate's recalled it.

Oh, but we shouldn't worry, Mister Straw says only a few commit very serious crimes and he has directed the police to throw all their resources at finding the missing offenders. Which just means another "target" for the Bureaucrats to generate a miriad of forms for the police to fill in. On top of the several hundred pages they already have to complete every time they arrest anyone. No wonder the Metropolitan Police (London's Police Force based on New Scotland Yard) managed to re-employ an officer dismissed the force for inappropriate behaviour and barred from rejoining! Ah, but wait, the section that carried out the checks on him and should have spotted the bar is staffed by - Oh, dear - Civil Servants!


  1. Well there's an efficient system!

  2. You bet - what you get when you let Socialists run it with their "bleeding hearts" and concern for the criminals welfare.