Saturday, 11 July 2009


Ten servicemen killed in ten days. Yes, it is a war that needs to be fought, yes we do need to be there or, as Mister Brown said yesterday - it will have to be fought on our streets and in our cities. Some might welcome that, but there is no getting away from the fact that the Taliban have to be stopped and so does Al Qaeda.

The tragedy is that our service personnel are being asked to do this on a shoestring - they don't have the heavy choppers they should have had from the start. Why because Brown and the Treasury keep cutting back the Defence budgets. They don't have the armoured vehicles they need. Why, because the last "Defence Review" felt we didn't need them. Reason? They cost too much....

At least there is a growing awareness of the problems these guys face and a huge respect for them among the general public. Maybe the pendulum is starting to swing and just maybe, the Treasury paper shufflers could find themselves having to come up with the money to fund our Armed Services properly instead of padding out their pensions with it. It's OUR money after all.

It's also the least we can do to honour those who have already fallen because of Whitehall's incompetence and self serving squandering of our resources.


  1. Our militaries have always been asked to do much, with very little, and without much thanks. I hope in our generation we can change that. They should have many thanks, more resources, and it should not be subject to political maneuvering.

  2. After I had posted this came the news of another four servicemen killed yesterday. And once again the deaths come down to to few men, tofew resources and to much being asked - and our present government are hell bent on cutting the Defence Budget still further. It's a disgrace and an insult to our Forces to have the politicians bleating that they have spent another billion on some item we should have had before they sent the troops into this war.

    On top of that we have the "Human Rights" lobby trying to prosecute soldiers for "Human Rights Abuses" in Iraq. Makes me want to puke.