Thursday, 2 July 2009

Anti-military - except when it suits them....

It hasn't taken Labour's closet "better Red than dead" squad to start the campaign to disarm us. Their immediate target to "save" money - by which they mean waste it somewhere more vote catching - is the Trident replacement. Fine Trident is a weapon that is designed for the Cold War situation and it probably does need rethinking, but to simply scrap our entire nuclear deterent in a world on the brink of a major upheaval in political, ideological and resources terms is the stuff only a Labour Loony could fall for. Of course it will cost the earth, but it could, in fact be done at less than half the cost - if they simply had the courage to kick the Civil Service morons who ratchet up the costs with their pettifogging and paper shuffling and indecision with a small group who actually know what they are talking about.

Example, the replacement for our current ASW frigates is the subject of a major row. The Civil Serrvice wants to design and build something their "favoured bidder" has designed - the "Slim" frigate. There is an alternative - the socalled "fat" design. There is a marginal difference in speed between the two and a huge difference in price. The "fat" design is a fifth of the price! Guess which one the Civil Servants are insisting on. No prizes for guessing why VT Ships is planning to close down two of our last remaining three shipyards. Equally, no prizes for guessing why the latest Type 45 is still not in commission.... or for that matter why the Aircraft Carriers are now threatened with complete cancellation because they are a billion over budget. Yup, got that one right - it's the Civil Servants again, ably aided and abetted by the morons Labour has put in charge of the military, who have never been in uniform and are ex-Trade Union Activists....

Today two more of our soldiers died in Helmand province fighting a war Labour set up, against terrorists and fundamentalists they promoted and supported and still allow to operate with impunity under their "fairness and equality" secularist policy aimed at destroying Englishness, England and the United Kingdom.

And they wonder why thier natural supporters among the working classes are turning to the BNP.

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