Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Long range weather

I have no doubt at all that the weather of these last few months - a world away from what the "Long Range Weather Forecast" issued by the Met Office earlier this year predicting a long, hot and very dry summer - will soon be seized on by the Global Warming Scaremongers as "proof" of climate change. Of course its changing, it has been changing for at least 10,000 years in the current cycle and quite probably longer. Something that seems to get forgotten by the hype mongers and so-called climatologists (And ex-politicians like Al Gore) is that the Norsemen who found Greenland a thousand years ago were able to farm it successfully, the climate was warmer there then and supported mixed farming. They also named a big chunk of what we now call Nova Scotia "Vinland" because they found vines bearing something like grapes there!

Thanks to the Gorse Fox I found this BBC website which actually gives a very interestingly balanced and rather skeptical report on the melting of the glaciers. They report that the researchers studying these glaciers have discovered that the rapid retreat and expansion of the key glacier all the predictions are based on appears to have happened several times in the past - and long before there were ever enough humans to have an impact. So who do the Climate Change scaremongers blame for that? T-Rex cooking his victims?

I do not doubt that the climate is changing. I don't doubt that overpopulation and the destruction of rain forests, the draining of the Aral Sea and a number of other large scale changes such as the damming of the Yellow River in China are having an impact. What I do take leave to doubt is that this is all the fault of the Western Societies. I also take leave to doubt that we can reverse it without a major reduction in population and even then I think we would very rapidly discover that the changes are driven by the Earth itself and forces so far outside our control that we have little influence on them.

In the meantime, I am enjoying a cool summer and we can probably look forward to a colder than usual winter. But then, I'm not a Met Office employee under Civil Service orders to produce long-range forecasts that reflect "official" government "The World Is Overheating and Its All Your Fault for Heating and Lighting your Home and using Private Transport". An agenda that I do not doubt has more to do with a Socialist hatred of personal choice and liberty and nothing to do with climate change.

Remember, the Climate Models the so-called experts at Fiends of the Earth and Green(Strife)peace and the Universities that produce these people are using don't model anything above 1.6 km from the surface and don't model the oceanic effect. If you read the BBC report they don't know why the Glacial melts occurred in the past and they certainly don't know now. Until they do - Long Range Weather Forecasts are about as accurate as someone keeping a collection of dried seaweed on the porch to predict the weather.


  1. We are not going to stop the climate from changing, we just are not that smart. Just for the sake of everyone's health we should do something about pollution. What really freaks them out is the change in climate will cause a change in the food supply. This will break the world's societies and that is what they fear.

  2. Matthew, that's correct, the changing climate will cause mass starvations and migrations and break the present system of boundaries and nations. If they want to reduce pollution then let's be honest about it and say that is what we are about - but the real polluters these days are the so-called "developing nations" and they have no intention of cutting their emmissions or their population levels.