Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Defence Review = Defence Cuts

Today the Government announced it latest bit of eye-blind. A Defence Review. The last full strategic review was in 1998 and saw the Royal Navy cut to below the numbers of the French and left us with little more than a coastal defence force. To Labour and the Civil Service "Defence Review" always means cut it back even further.

One thing is for sure, by the time this shower of utterly incompetent and self serving cowards and their Civil Service puppeteers are finished we won't have any defences. Certainly the Navy can expect to lose even more of the ships they currently have and forget the Carriers - so proudly started today in VT's yard by the Gnome of Number 10 - but we can forget any new capability for the RAF (FAR too expensive these modern jets!) and the Army might as well write of the Mechanised Divisions and the Tank Regiment now. They only have 30 of them anyway - tanks that is - not regiments.

But, no doubt, we will once more be told by some moron in the MoD Civil Service (Right before he gets his KBE for destroying the military finally and utterly) that any one of our new Type 45 (Daring Class) Destroyers has "more fire power than the entire Grand Fleet of 1914 - 19 which had 33 battleships and numbered some 400 ships of all types and sizes. And these are the idiots who write the Minister's briefing notes (The Minister has to read one word at a time with his finger tracing the sentence and you can't let him have more than two syllable words - unless its "expenses" of course) with this sort of garbage, ie; One ship = 400 ships.

No you *rs*h*l*s - one ship is one ship. One tank is one tank and one Typhoon is one Typhoon! Shoot the Treasury whallahs now, before they start setting the outcomes for the revue - and then shoot every last damned Civil Servant in the MoD. Traitors the lot of them.

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