Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another week down

It takes a while to settle into a week that starts on Saturday and ends on a Wednesday, but I guess we're into the rhythmn now. Weve even renamed Monday as Mittwoch much to the confusion of the students. It started to rain this afternoon, nothing dranatic, just a steady gentle rain that brought the scent of wet, warm earth into the air. It also seems to have brought every car, truck, van and LDV in Tehran onto the roads. Our drive home this evening started at 15.30 and we got home at 17.15. Our driver had to make several detours as well - the roads were completely choked in places.

The rain is steady and soft at present, though the run-off on some of the steeper roads is quite swift, the bulk of it seems to be settling and sinking into the parched ground around here. I expect we will see a sort of late flourish of green replacing the browns and yellows that contrast with the reddish browns, greys and off-white of the soils around us. The stark browns, greys and blue/grens of the mountains have softened as the rain washes them into brighter shades and I suspect that they will also give us some greens and perhaps flowers before the frosts and the snows return. At least, for the next two days, there is no need to face the traffic and I can relax and get some work done without stirring out of the immediate environs.

Ah well, the satellite TV has gone down as well, probably water in a joint somewhere. But that's a problem for tomorrow.

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