Monday, 5 October 2009


Mausi's been running around today in small circles trying to get herself organised for a conference she will attend during the next three days. Two presentations needed a finishing touch and some supplementary information had to be collected and packed.

Tomorrow Mausi will drive to Bad Liebenstein in Thuringia where the conference takes place. It's a biennial event and always reminds Mausi of the well-known meeting of the Druids in the Woods of Carnute. It's always a pleasure to meet colleagues from all over Germany, exchange views and experiences and talks shop all day and during the evenings over a glass of wine or two.

Bad Liebenstein is close to Eisenach and the famous Warburg, where Luther spent several years translating the Bible into German. This time the Druids will go on an excursion and visit the Burg themselves, which reminds Mausi she must not forget to take her camera...

As Mausi will not have access to the internet during the next three days - she's been to that hotel deep in the Uberwaldish Woods before - she hopes the Monk will not be too busy to take over the blog. Anyways, there'll be pictures from Thuringia at the end of the week.

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