Friday, 16 October 2009

More in the Bazaar

This exquisitely decorated vault is one of four in a old part of the Bazaar, sadly the other three are masked by bundles of electric cables of varying age and provenance. Ancient bricks, hand made and quite possibly (from their shape and finish fired in the old manner of piling wood over the dried bricks and firing it. In places these bricks are covered by beautiful tiling as can be seen in the following picture.
All the Mosques are decorated in the most amazing tiles, the colours vibrant and the designs incorporating texts from the Quran, geometric patterns and sometimes decorations that would not look out of place in the Gothic cathedral. The passage in this picture is one leading back to the street bordering the Bazaar and from which it is possible to reach the former "Kings Mosque" which is situated in the middle of the Bazaar. It is now called the "Imam's Mosque" - the term Imam meaning "Leader" and usually having a religious connotation. It is a term they use in relation to the Prophet, Jesus Christ, and the "Hidden" Imam is the one who will be revealed at some future date.

The Bazaar is certainly a place of hidden histories and beauty. For me it brings to life some of the Thousand and one nights stories as well.

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