Saturday, 10 October 2009

Back to work ...

Why does Saturday feel like Monday? Mainly because it is in Iran. It's turning into an interesting time, my colleague assisting me in these courses is flat out with a serious dose of the runs. I'm just hoping I can stay clear of it, the last thing I need is a dose of that. Getting treatment for it is entertaining, it involves taking him to a clinic - through traffic that is so choked up to get to the clinic will require longer than the intervals between visits to the thunder jug in the bathroom.....

Add to that, the problem of language and the things that slip between description of symptoms and translation of same. We now have, for a guy with the runs, a bottle of laxative and pills which may also be in the same category. Meantime I'm trying to sort him out and avoid the bug myself. Oh, and teach my classes this week.

Guess I'm earning my corn this time round!


  1. Gorse Fox woke up with a start and realised you were in Persia and not Mesopotamia! What an unremitting display of ignorance.

  2. All we need now is Alexander the Great (Eskander the Demon here) to come storming across with his Hoplites to make the scene complete!