Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday in Tehran

Sunday in Tehran is - well, the equivalent of Tuesday anywhere else. Yesterday we had a shake up with a small earth tremor, today we had a suicide bomber blowing up some Revolutionary Guard bigwigs down South and have just been treated to the Parliament chanting "Death to the USA, death to the UK." I'm not sure why they have decided "we done it" but evidently some "high ranking sources" have the evidence according to the news.

Well, I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings in diplomatic terms, but, frankly, I can't for the life of me see either the Us or the UK government being stupid enough to back any terror group no matter how much they dislike the present regime. And that is saying something since my opinion of the honesty levels in Whitehall or Westminster is that a snake would have trouble getting under it - in fact might get over it without effort. And as for the intelligence levels ....

Anyway, we get on with our work and deal with our students who are bright, switched on and eager to learn. They are great guys and at least one has said privately "don't worry about the politicians - its all for show."

As I write Mausi is heading for Ankara to teach some police there about Fire Investigation. I gather she will have the same deal we have here - lecture in one language to a class listening to an interpreter in another. Look, don't knock it, it works and we get a good response from the students all the way. At least Mausi's course is only a week!

Today being Sunday, I missed my communion and my dose of incense and music. Somehow the daily office just doesn't give the same lift. But it will keep me going until December.

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