Sunday, 25 October 2009

Freedom of speech?

The Anti-Fascist League's (Communist in all but name) demonstration and stone throwing violence in their attempt to stop the appearance on a BBC Chat Show of the leader of the BNP says a great deal about what is currently wrong in Socialist Britain. This is a nation that still thinks it is the home of "freedom", of "fairness" and of "fredom of expression", but it is not. Today you can be hounded from your job for belonging to a "party" the current dictats of Whitehall/Westminster and their pressure groups disapprove of. You can be barred from the Bench, the Police Service or the Fire Service for being a Free Mason. Even being a teacher is difficult if you share certai views with any such organisation - but express extreme left wing views and espouse the ideals of the extreme left and you're fine.

Since Blair and the NuLabour shower took power the country has lurched so far to the left that anything which does not conform to the current "moral" thinking (Read Labour/Socialist/Communist Prejudice for Moralism) is immediately branded Neo-Fascist and the witch hunting begins. We are no longer alowed to bear weapons or to use them in our own defence. Why? Because the Labour voting criminal classes turned them on each other. The result, all weapons are now in crimnal hands and the incidence of their use has shot through the roof. Before the ban on owning a hand gun the incidence of their use in crime was low, now it is almost a given that a gun will be used by a criminal in a crime. He knows no one else has one. Ergo, he's safe, and God help the law-abiding.

The campaign against the BNP is the result of fear on the Left who see this shower of idiots as a threat to their Socialist Utopia. They lose sight of the fact that such parties are always a response to their own excesses. And in Blair's Cool Britannia we lost the right to say what we think - because it might have offended some minority group beloved of the left. The rise of the BNP is a direct response to the Left's attempts to curtail our freedoms and to impose their "targets" for redistributing jobs to those they see as "victims" of the selection processes previously employed. Now jobs are given not on ability or knowledge but on ability to sing the Labour Mantras, skin colour, gender and orientation. And its Labour's Laws that have done it. And they wonder why the BNP has managed to move from being a fringe party to having MEPs and a growing following among disaffected white working class males.....

What the demonstration showed very clearly was that we no longer live in a country which believes in hearing what all sides have to say. Blair and now Brown want to dictate what we may think, what we may say and even who we may vote for. And they call this democracy. From what little I saw of the show, the BNP Leader managed to make a complete ass of himself. Probably the best reason anyone could have for letting him speak on a public platform.

As for the Anti-Fascist League - they are the very reason many people now feel that our freedom of speech and expression is under threat. Abhorrent though the BNP's policies, utterances and beliefs are, they are gaining ground precisely because the Left are trying to restrict our ancient and treasured freedoms. The young working class men who now support the BNP are there because the Left offers them nothing except joblesness and exclusion so that the Left's "victims of oppression by white males" can be given everything on a platter.

For democracy to work, we have to allow both the extreme left and the extreme right to say their pieces. Only in that way can the majority see for themselves just how stupid these positions are.

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