Thursday, 1 October 2009

Saturday on Thursday

My colleague and I are resting today, it being the equivalent of Saturday. This evening we went to the supermarket and bought in some essentials as at the weekends we are virtually housebound. The current advice is that we should only go out in company and under the escort of our hosts. Makes sense I guess, feeling here is best described as "touchy" in regard to the West's vilification of Iran and Iranians.

Checking the blog today I have discovered to my amusement that Da Goddess is one of the blogs that is "banned" and blocked by the Iranian internet provider and so is Practical Penumbra and On the Third Hand. Its a pity really as I can't respond to awhole range of things.

Still, tomorrow is Friday, a day of rest here, so we will b able to relax, get ourselves set up for Saturday (Monday equivalent!) and week 2 of our stay.

This is a fascinating country, a people as diverse as they possibly can be and not all are Muslim, though Islam (Shia) is the dominant faith. I have met and am working with Muslims, Christians and Zoroastrians - and they are fantastic. Hard working, determined and generous to a fault. I hope to be able to post something on the whole culture here while I am here.

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