Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Death of a friend

Yesterday I had news I had been expecting. A week ago I learned with sadness that a long standing friend who shared many of my interests and with whom I have enjoyed many great times, had suffered a stroke after undergoing a fairly simple by-pass operation. It was a fairly major stroke which left him unable to help himself and, as his Medical Aid Insurance had reached its limit, he was sent to a "Care Home". Here he suffered another set of medical problems and last Wednesday was rushed back into Intensive Care. By Thursday he was in renal failure and sometime on Sunday or early Monday, slipped quietly away.

Dennis was a big hearted man who gave freely and willingly of his time, his services and his friendship. He wasn't the best looking man in the world and yet, once you got to know him, that was not what you saw when you were in his company. He leaves behind a brother whose family will miss their big hearted uncle. He also leaves behind a lot of friends who wil feel the poorer for his passing, myself included. I hope you will join me in a prayer for him on Saturday when he will be laid to rest with his mother, stepfather and family.

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