Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Lubeck again

The Holstentor, once the middle gate of the city's triple ring of defensive walls, the gate was saved by public outcry in the 19th Century when the city father's had begun to tear down the outer walls and the other bastions. The outer ring has been completely destroyed but traces remain in the form of the triple canal which encircles the medieval part of the town. The twin flanking towers are built on piles and lean toward each other for the very strange reason that the linking section which houses the gate, has no foundations and pulls the towers inwards.

The Holstentor is now a fascinating museum and worth every minute of a visit, especially if you include coffee and cakes at the Neideregger Cafe opposite the Rathaus afterward. The window display is enough to make you drool in excess, so take lots of paper towel along if you are a Marzipan fan and be prepared to have to take yourself severely in hand when you enter the shop and have to start making choices ....

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