Friday, 18 September 2009

Running counter to the "Model Predictions"

I have grave doubts over the Met Office declaration that this year was warmer than last. I seem to have had to wear something to keep me warm a great deal more than I did last year and its been wetter too. My temperature measuring at home (South West Midlands) has given me a reasonably steady average of around 20*C, with very few days above that and most nights well down toward 10*C or lower. There was even one in August when I contemplated turning on the heating, the cat was complaining of the cold. Currently we have a North Easterly blowing which is keeping temperatures down to around 17*C here which is, in my view, quite pleasant. Not cold enough to need a jumper, not hot enough to be uncomfortable.

But it doesn't fit the Climate Model Predictions for the year. According to those I should have been basking in blazing heat, suffering mosquito plagues and getting my feet wet as the sea level rose with the Arctic Icepack vanishing faster than you can say Jack Robinson. So what is happening?

Well, over at "Watts up with that" they have posted the JAXA Ice monitoring figures and it seems that the Arctic Ice is growing at present, not shrinking. Reading further on that site you discover that if all the temperature data is examined and not just the selective data that proves the current media/political hysteria theory, the lastvten years have shown a flat line on the warming predicted. You actually have to manipulate the data quite a bit adding bits removing dips and so on until it shows any increase at all.

Any bets though that this data will be completely ignored by the Copenhagen Bun Fight?

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