Friday, 11 September 2009

A step too far?

There can be no doubt that Labour are a Party that wants to control, to nanny, to remove choice and restrict liberty. The problem I have with that is that they always try to make it appear as if there is some pressing "moral" reason to make these sweeping and often draconian changes. The latest set of nannying legislation is a case in point - from now on, if the legislation is approved, every person who voluntarily takes a neighbour's kids - or his/her children's little friends - anywhere for any event, will require a Criminal Record Bureau check.

The Minister for Children (I kid you not, there are Ministers for Women, the Disabled and for Minorities - but NOT for Men!) is desperately trying to tell us that this will not have any impact on anyone who is "not in regular contact with children", by which she means not more than once a month, or in "special contact" which apparently means two or three times a week. This will impact badly on the parents who collect kids from playgroups for their friends, or take kids to sports practice, fetch kids from clubs etc, etc ... And will it protect children? My guess is probably not at all. It is, after all is said and done, just a bureaucratic exercise to check whether you have ever been accused or convicted of "inappropriate behaviour toward children." It also impacts on people who help out with "vulnerable adults" in other words those who suffer under the "Care in the Community" abuse licensed by Whitehall as a means of neglecting them until the commit an offence or become violent. Mark my words this legislation will be interpreted by every Town Hall Jobsworth and every Civil Service parasite as a license to expand their empires exponentially and to interfere in every parent's life to a degree expressly forbidden in Magna Carta and in our laws which protected our right to privacy until this present socialist soviet came to power.

The whole balance between State and the Individual has been changed. Westminster/Whitehall has take upon itself the right to dictate how we live, how we behave, what we think and what we may say in public or private. Yes, children and vulnerable adults need protection, but is it necessary to criminalise the entire adult population in order to protect them? No it is not, nor will it actually achieve anything other than to provide thousands more jobs for the jobsworths Whitehall attracts to itself in much the same manner that flies are drawn to a stinking carcass.

It is probably way too late to get this stupid and draconian legislation stopped, but it is encouraging to hear, on BBC Radio 4, a mother of small children telling the Minister that she thinks it is both stupid and unnecessary. Sadly, the Minister refused to listen to a word of it, sticking to her "I know best" and extremely vacuous arguments. It will not be long before anyone attending any function at which children are present will be required to undergo a "CRB" check before being permitted to sit in the same room as children they are not related too. One way I suppose to bring about Labour's other ambition - to destroy Christianity and Church going, since it is impossible to avoid having children and adults in the same space there!

Unfortunately I doubt the Conservatives have the guts to repeal this latest piece of stupidity either.

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