Saturday, 12 September 2009

Just who are the Fascists now?

Funny how anyone who disagrees with this shower of closet Communists currently disgracing our Parliament and calling themselves a government is automatically lablled a "Fascist". Yet the "bully-boy" tactics of the Left are "a popular expression of anti-fascism". A government Minister speaking to the Guardian (Or Gruaniad), that ultimate Socialist Propaganda rag, has branded the "English Defence League" as "Fascists" and likened their protests to those led by Moseley and his Black-shirts in 1936.

The protest held outside a mosque in Harrow to mark the anniversary of 9/11 yesterday was disrupted by the "Anti-Fascist" movement and this, the Minister seems to think, is a perfectly acceptable tactic by his supporters on the Left. It doesn't seem to occur to any of them that these are exactly the tactics used by the Soviets to seize control of East Berlin, to disrupt any attempt at a multi-party election in Eastern Europe and to impose one party communism everywhere they could.

I have no sympathy with "demonstrations". Generally they are a waste of time and cause unnecessary disruption for law abiding citizens, but there does come a point at which one has to ask why this government, composed entirely of professional "protesters" (All of them involved in protests since their student days, and all of them admirers of that psychopath Che Guevarra) is so determined to brand anything to the right of their increasingly Leninist/Stalinist vision of "freedom" as "Fascist".

If anyone is Fascist today it is the Labour Party and their cohorts in the "Anti-Fascist" movement with their determination to stifle any debate and any dissent on their ideological mantras.

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