Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hanseatic Traders

Lubeck is one of the ancient "Hanseatic League" cities, whose wealth was built on trade with almost all of Europe. This was especially true of the Baltic trade as its position near Denmark, Sweden and Norway and to the Eastern Baltic gave it a strategic position. The River Trave gives direct access to the city, though the modern port is at Travemunde just inside the mouth of the river and a few miles from the ancient city. The first picture shows a fairly modern square rigged barquentine (Square rigged on the fore and main masts and fore and aft rigged on the mizzen!) in the Trave.

Just astern of her is a replica of one of the "cogs" that carried the trade in this part of the world from several centuries. These ships had high Forecastles and Sterncastles and a simple sail plan. The crew shared the space below decks with the cargo, cooking facilities were fairly basic and as for toilets ....

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