Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday bumbling ....

The last few weeks have been quite busy, though broken up by the interlude in Lubeck. Plus having a cold hasn't helped so this week hasn't been very productive at home, but at least I've managed to get the Organist's CCTV system installed. It was quite a battle, first to get it, then to get the various bits to actually work. Running the cables for it in the Abbey have been real fun - not - and I am now a qualified contortionist as I have had to work inside the Milton Organ to get the cables to where they needed to be.

Working inside an organ case is fascinating, but terrifying, since you are in very close proximity to a large number of fragile 'levers' that make up the action, an enormous number of pipes which can be "detuned" by simply bumping them and every movement requires careful thought before you attempt it. I'm happy to say that I managed to carry out the installation without mishap, though I can now claim to have an intimate acquaintance with the Great Trumpet, the Clarina, several other ranks of pipes and the "action" racks at the back of the console. One does tend to get to know these bits very well when you have to ease yourself between them, under them or around them in order to work.

At least the Organists seem to be pleased with the result, though there is still some work required to "screen" out interference on three cameras from the sound system. It must also be said that I could not have done it without the help of a friend, Duncan, whose patience in "programming" the DVRs involved far exceeded mine.

Today has been fairly busy as well, with having served as Deacon of the Mass for the Said service at 0800 and the Parish Eucharist at 0915 before Serving at the Sung Eucharist at 1100. Having a part in the Liturgical Ministry of the Abbey is a huge privilege, no matter how small and I have to admit that my time here has been a period of tremendous spiritual growth. The role of ministry though is a demanding one and I know I am not alone in finding the act of leading worship very tiring. Small wonder I was disinclined to undertake any major work around the house this afternoon!

Still, it's now time to open a nice bottle of ale, make a sandwich and start getting my head round spending next week at my former employers premises teaching.

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