Friday, 4 September 2009

Baltic Interlude

The ancient Hanseatic League cities of Lubeck and Wismar are gems. Lubeck is the home of Neideregger Marzipan, so if you are a Marzipan lover, this is Mecca! Wismar suffered badly during the war, being bombed by the RAF extensively and then ravaged by the Soviets and their Communist puppets afterward. Since reunification however, the city has been undergoing a loving restoration, the work painstaking and as precise as only the Germans could be.

In the second picture the Market Square of Wismar shows a fully restored 18th Century gabled front of a Merchant's House and this is just one of the many. Here and there one can still find some of these buildings in the run down and dilapidated state the Communists allowed them to fall too. But probably one of the greatest acts of vandalism the Communists carried out was the deliberate dynamiting of the 13th Century Brick Gothic nave and presbytery of the Marienkirche. The buildings built over it by the Communists have now been cleared and the site excavated archeologically. Now the walls are being slowly recreated using bricks made in the same manner as the originals.

Anyone who still thinks Socialism in any of its guises - and Communism is the ultimate expression of Socialism - should be required to study the damage this philosophy has done to the heritage of every nation it has touched, however lightly.

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