Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Musical treats....

Managed to get to the lunchtime recital today, Carleton on the Grove playing Mendelssohn. What a treat. A real privilege to be able to stand behind him and watch him play this fascinating Victorian Exhibition Organ - having no "Organ Case" every pipe stands in the open and "speaks" to the audience without any muffling - and it doesn't have any of the "automatic" features either. So it takes a Master to play it, and in Carleton it has one.

The programme was a varied one, all Mendelssohn, finishing with his Overture to the Oratario "St Paul". The finale of this has the Bombard (16 foot reed stop on the pedal) quite literally "strutting its stuff" and has the building reverberating to the sonorous snarl.

It is fascinating to watch Carleton play at any time, but to watch his fingers and his feet fly and dance around the manuals and the stop pulls as the music thunders and sighs from this grand instrument is a treat in itself. A great memory to take away with me to Tehran.

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