Wednesday, 2 September 2009

September 1st

September the 1st 1939 marked the start of the second "Great War", probably more correctly referred to as "unfinished business" from 1918. The assault on Gdansk (or Danzig in German) marked the start of five more years of war that would bring ruin to Europe and the shameful betrayal of the Polish and other Central European nations by the West.

The UK went to war over Polish sovereignty and ended it by handing the Poles and their nation over to the Soviets. That was probably the most shameful thing the Labour Party has ever done in a long list of shameful things. But then, Attlee and his fellow Labourites thought Stalin was a hero and a man they could trust. After all, he was anti-Fascist and head of a "Workers Paradise". Some Labour MP's even suggested that the Soviet model should be adopted in the UK and they fell over themselves agreeing with the establishment of totalitarian regimes across Eastern/Central Europe dominated by the Communists. They aided and abetted him in setting up the Iron Curtain and even supplied him with the secrets of the jet engine so his MiG's could outfly and outfight the West's aircraft in the Korean War.

Today the Polish people marked the anniversary of the attack that led ultimately to their subjugation and subjection to Soviet rule for almost fifty years. Attlee even sent the exiled Polish Government back to Stalin assuring them they could "trust" him despite their certainty that all Stalin wanted was to imprison and try them on trumped up charges. Attlee's response? Total collusion with Stalin. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, today apologised for the part her people played in that and even the Russian Prime Minister made an effort. What I have yet to hear is any sort of acknowledgement from any of the present UK government's closet communists, of the part their party played in allowing Communism to be imposed after 1945.

I won't hold my breath though, there's more chance of Hell suffering an Ice Age.

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