Thursday, 24 September 2009

On my way.

Heading out for the airport - Heathrow Terminal 1, my least favourite airport I admit - and will be sat on the flight to Tehran for seven hours. Arrival at 03.15. How to make it difficult for British troublemakers to feel welcome.

Posting over the next twelve weeks will be erratic, mainly because we have to get used to "dial-up" again, so I will be abusing Mausi's good nature as she tries to keep the blog running and everyone up dated on what I'm up to. A team of us are going out tomorrow to train fire fighters for the Tehran Municipality and the Ministry of the Interior. All Halaal and above board.

Methinks it will be a long twelve weeks even though I am looking forward to meeting up with Nasir, Reza, Mohammad, Kazim and the rest of the guys again.

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