Sunday, 13 September 2009

Preparing for Tehran

The next few days will be busy. Twelve weeks away is a long time and I have to make sure that Madam Paddy Paws isn't left entirely to open her own food sachets, cans and biscuits. Also she tends to get uppity about her soil box not being cleaned regularly. And then there are things like Quarterly bills to be paid - and which, incredibly, you can't pay in advance.

This time of year is interesting in Tehran as well since I will be arriving in the Autumn when the weather is still quite warm, and coming home when there is a strong possibility of thick snow on the ground. Yes, Tehran gets snow, a couple of feet of it at a time so I am told. So the suitcase will have to include clothing for both the heat and the cold, not an easy set of choices to make, especially as we are travelling Cattle Class and the baggage allowance is restricted.

Blogging from there could be interesting. I will do my best, but I make no promises. At least I am now registered with the UK Foreign Office so the Embassy is aware I am there and I am assured will be checking on us from time to time.

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