Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Global irritants....

While listening to the Met Office and the latest "proofs" of a "hotter than usual summer" and "unseasonably warm weather" doom and gloom I found myself observing a row of trees who have obviously decided to ignore the Met Office, Greenstrife and Fiends of the Earth and get on with shedding their leaves. The Autumnal colouring of their leaves is well advanced. It was then that I noticed that the House Martins and the Swifts have begun their migration to warmer climes and, on arriving home, noticed that the swallows who have successfully raised a pair of chicks under the eaves of my flat have departed.

Talking to some American and Canadian friends via the internet I have learned that the migrations they normally expect to see from now onwards began several weeks ago, and there is also evidence that, far from warming, the sea temperatures off the New England shores are cooler than usual. Even the much trumpetted "El Nino" threatening the Pacific West Coast is apparently diminishing. So whay are the "Climate Camp" still banging the drum for their favoured "the Earth will become like Venus of we don't cut out all CO2 production?" Well, I suspect its partly because they are now so far down this road and up each other's rear ends on the data that they dare not admit they may have it a teensy-weensy bit wrong. Worse, they have the politicians rabbiting on about it now without any understanding of the manner in which the data is "smoothed", cropped and adjusted to fit the picture that the "researchers" have created in order to get their hands on the lucrative "research" grants now beginning to flow their way.

The climate is changing, has been since the last Ice Age began to thaw, and the most pressing thing facing us is overpopulation. So, yet again, we have a "climate conference" scheduled to happen in Copenhagen at which more meaningless numbers (Like the statement that British Industry and Commerce must reduce their "greenhouse" emmissions by 90% by 2050) will be concocted without any scientific foundation. Anyone who dares to offer an alternative solution or hypothesis will be howlwedd out of the venue or gagged and the world's worst polluters, the Third World countries whose massive overpopulation is already depleting water sources, rain forests and arable soil reservoirs at an unprecedented rate, are to be allowed to continue to pollute while the west is dragged back to some mythical "eco-friendly" past. The insistence on using "Carbon Emmission per Capita" as a means of determining how much we pollute. This means that "Developing Nations" which have very large populations, can pump out huge amounts of CO2 and yet show up as less polluting than, say, the UK or the US.

The climate is changing, but in which direction and by what cause - I remain totally sceptical of the current hysterical media/politician and Greenstrife/Fiends of the Earth assertion that we will soon all be drowned by 20 metre rises in sea levels unless we stop bathing, stop manufacturing, stop travelling and start living in mud huts again. Do take a read of the latest post on "Predicting Global Temperatures" at "Watts up with That."

I shall watch the Copenhagen propaganda campaign with deep distrust.

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