Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Busy day - but tomorrow is the weekend

Its been a very busy day. Not only looking after our students but taking care of a colleague injured in an accident on the training ground. This turned out to be more serious in injury terms than at first diagnosed and he is tonight recovering in a hospital having had a broken thumb and severed tendon rejoined.

His being hors d'combat for the next few days at least will put a strain on the rest of us as we cover his classes and exercisesuntil he can pick up his part again. Thanks to our principals here, he has had first class care, quite possibly better than he would have got in the UK. And this being a fire service environment, he's already getting a lot of ribbing about the lengths he had to go too to get a bit of TLC and a few days off.

At least tomorrow is the weekend and I, for one, am looking forward to not having to rise at dawn and spend an hour in the daily gridlock.

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