Monday, 19 October 2009

BBQ Iranian style....

Two weeks ago I had the fun of a BBQ with some of my students and instructor staff who are working with us. We went out to a "villa", a sort of holiday cottage some distance to the East of Tehran near the town of Pardis. It lay in the lower foothills of the range of mountains that lie to the North of Tehran and we had a great day. Its amazing how much fun these guys can generate without alcohol, perhaps a message in there somewhere. A chess board was produced and we played chess while we ate, we played Whist as well - now here's the fun bit, I haven't played either for years so I'd actually forgotten how enjoyable it was. The food was carefully prepared, the meat pushed onto the long "sword" kebab blades and then carefully tended over the coals. A type of "Barbary Bread" rather like Naran bread in a sense, was used to line a large earthen crock and the cooked meat was placed inside it and the bread folded over it to keep while more chicken and tomatoes were roasted on the coals. Salads, cold drinks, water and yohgurt to mix with the rice, roasted garlic and a range of other things made the meal. Definitely a feast for a king.

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